Business writing book now available

Thank you for visiting my business writing blog. Almost all of the posts are based on topics and techniques covered in my book, Write Like You Mean Business. It is now available for order online. 

To order a copy for yourself — or several for your writers, as a wine company in the U.K. just did — please go to

The audience at our launch were Sydney marketing professionals and a few university lecturers and public education administrators. The response proved that there is a hesitant hunger out there for guidance on grammar in general, and on editing and re-writing in particular.

I say ‘hesitant’ because everybody realised that mastering the skill requires many months of hard study and practice followed by years of disciplined application. While the method does work, it works neither quickly nor easily. This puts it grotesquely out of fashion in the early 21st Century.

That’s what you get in this blog and — in greater detail — in the book. Old-fashioned, hard-core grammar and editing that makes no apologies and takes no prisoners. Thank you again for being brave enough to visit. I always try very hard to make it worth your while.


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Australian and US copywriter, creative director and author
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