Changing State-of-Being Verbs to Active

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Changing passive verbs to active has been a standard editing technique for decades. But you can also strengthen your writing by changing state-of-being verbs to active. This is a bit subtler, but not difficult.

Just find the actor and the action implied (or named) by the state of being. Then re-write the sentence with the implied actor as the subject and the implied action as the verb.

Here’s a sentence with the subject in blue, the state-of-being verb in red, and the implied action in purple: We are a leading provider of learning solutions to the corporate training sector.

The actor is ‘We’, and the action implied by the state of being is ‘provide’. So just write it that way: We provide learning solutions to the corporate training sector. 

Watch the tutorial video for two more examples explained in greater detail. Thank you again for visiting.


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